10 Affordable Beach Vacations You Can Take In The Dead Of Winter

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When the winter blues hit, there’s no place one would rather be than sunning it on a sandy beach as the crystalline waters shimmer, the bright blue waves lap gently, and marine life pulsates below the surface. However, many of the world’s top beach destinations come with a hefty price tag in the Northern Hemisphere’s colder months, when tourism’s high seasons’ sweep across the planet and sun-starved travelers answer paradise’s calls.

For those with money to burn and cash to splash, a wintertime beach vacation is a piece of cake. However, tourists on a limited budget often struggle to find an idyllic getaway – at least one that’s priced within reason. Wipe those tears, and don’t start applying for second, third, and fourth jobs to pay for that dream winter holiday just yet; an affordable beach vacay to save the winter day is possible – if, holidaymakers know where to go. Out of all the many bank-friendly beach oases in the world, this list features some of the most enticing – those beautiful, fun, and don’t cost half a lifetime of savings.

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10/10 Cape Verde

Famed for being the ‘African Caribbean,’ the Cape Verde islands are stunning treasures delivering everything travelers would expect from a vacation to the Caribbean’s most beautiful destinations – but without paying top dollar.

The obvious reasons to head to the Cape Verde archipelago are the gorgeous beaches and shimmering turquoise waters; however, the cultural cocktail of Brazilian, Portuguese, and African influences truly makes the islands stand out, creating a persona unique to this vibrant nation. Even though the islands of Boa Vista and Sal are the main vacation hubs, they still offer an off-the-radar feel. Plus, they’re excellent for thrilling activities, including surfing, kite surfing, and fishing.

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9/10 Punta Cana

Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic may be one of the most affordable destinations for travelers – home to perfect beaches and incredible resorts. With Punta Cana airport being well-connected to the rest of the world and served by plenty of flights, getting to this island retreat in the Caribbean is as easy – transport and wallet-wise. For example, round-trip airfare from major US cities, such as New York City, Chicago, and Boston, starts at under $400.

Once arrived and reached one’s resort, the beaches in this part of the Dominican Republic will drop jaws with their crystal-clear waters and soft sands. Plus, Punta Cana is also known for its amazing deals and rates on all-inclusive hotels, some of which even include options for less than $200 a night – where else can beach bunnies get the day’s meals, lodging, and sunning by the pool or sea for such a low price? Furthermore, learning how to budget for a Punta Cana vacation will help travelers plan the ideal, budget-happy trip!

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8/10 The Gambia

The Gambia is the ultimate wintertime escape for folks with shallower pockets. It might be Africa’s smallest country, but it ticks every single box that sun-loving, beach-bumming vacationists would want from their dream holiday escaping the winter blues. The Gambia boasts a wonderfully warm tropical climate year-round, with lowish rainfall and moderate humidity in the winter. Long, golden beaches line the sublime coast inviting tanners to soak up the sun and swimmers to enjoy a refreshing dip in the heat of the day.

The most popular resorts in the Gambia include Kololi and Kotu, both of which are ideal for sun, sand, and sea-chasing globetrotters; however, visitors seeking to leave their comfort zones and experience some culture can do so in spots such as Bakau and the country’s capital of Banjul. What’s more, a local beer for less than a dollar might be enough to tempt travelers into paying this very affordable African gem a visit!

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7/10 Colombia

Colombia’s postcard-perfect sand beaches, snow-capped mountains, lush rainforests, delectable coffee, and enchanting historical cities are enough to garner travelers’ attention and drive tourism. However, the low prices make the deal even sweeter. In January, the best weather in Columbia arrives, with average highs of 85 degrees and average lows of 75. The nation is beautifully sunny and hot but doesn’t come with the same penny-burning demands as islands in the Caribbean, making it a fantastic alternative for folks on budgets.

The high season in Colombia comes to an end in mid-January when hotel rates that were already affordable become even more tempting as they decrease once all the tourists have left for home. As such, traveling to this country between mid-January and the end of February is ideal for enjoying everything beautiful it has to offer, but with fewer crowds (and lower prices – win-win!). According to some visitors, Cartagena city on the northern coast is among the best places to visit in Colombia, with its historic old town surrounded by an imposing city wall. Plus, as it faces the Caribbean, it offers sugar-soft beaches, rich mangroves, and bustling coral reefs.

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6/10 Tulum, Mexico

The most popular months for tourism in Tulum tend to be December and January. Still, travelers can stumble upon great deals on flights and accommodation. However, if they wait until February through early March, way more bargains abound. Of course, Mexico has always been famed for being a budget-friendly vacation hub, especially for US-based travelers looking for respite from the cold of winter. Tulum is a prime example of why Mexico remains such a dreamy winter escapade, with tons to do and see (or if visitors want to do nothing at all, it’s the perfect getaway to do just that).

In particular, Tulum’s Yucatan peninsula is a spectacular spot for tourists; with paradise Caribbean-esque beaches home to sea turtles crawling on the sands, this place is a sanctuary for those suffering from winter sadness and itchy travel feet. It’s not just about beaches and sea life, though; Tulum’s pre-Columbian Mayan ruins are also a bucket list item, including temples and castillos, many of which date all the way back to the thirteenth, fourteenth, and fifteenth centuries.

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5/10 Kauai, Hawaii

Hawaii’s verdant tropical islands, heavenly beaches, tasty cuisine, and tourist activities usually don’t come with a gentle price tag. Yet, there is a way around this common problem plaguing eager, Hawaii-hungry jet-setters without deep pockets – especially if they’re flying from Los Angeles, California. Some travelers have managed to bag direct flights from LA to one of the most beautiful islands in Hawaii – Kauai – for around $400 both ways.

Not only that, but many have also found unbelievable deals on hotels starting at less than $200 per night (without all the fancy amenities, of course), making that ‘book now’ button even more irresistible. Additionally, hikes are a popular pastime on Kauai, with the Napali Coast being a revered option. Hiking the Napali Coast and soaking up the sensational vistas isn’t easy, but it is paralyzing in terms of beauty (maybe stamina, too) – as are the boating and snorkeling trips on this majestic coastline.

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4/10 San Diego, California

San Diego offers some of the top beaches in the US on its shores, where year-round weather and a wide array of tourist attractions combine to create the perfect seaside holiday haven. Grained, winter in San Diego is a little chillier, and the water will certainly raise goosebumps on those going for a swim without a wetsuit. However, the season’s milder temperatures are superb for enjoying other attractions, making exploring the place far more comfortable without the sweltering heat. Hotel prices on the low end during this time are also persuasive for budget travelers, in addition to the many free and fun things to do in San Diego!

This entertaining part of California truly is an amazing place, even in winter when visitor numbers dwindle and prices for accommodation and tourist activities decrease. Moreover, winter is San Diego’s whale season, so visitors may get an eyeful of such fascinating marine mammals passing by while they stroll on the beaches. Out of the many beaches in San Diego, Mission Beach is a tourist and local’s favorite for working on one’s tan, while La Jolla and its powerful waves are a magnet for surfers. Last but not least, a day at San Diego Zoo is one of the city’s family-friendly options – and travelers on a budget can enjoy epic deals by buying combo tickets, which grant not only zoo entry but also other museums and parks.

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3/10 Montego Bay, Jamaica

Most of the Caribbean is expensive during winter; however, Jamaica’s Montego Bay finds itself among the few places that subject visitors to reasonable prices in the high season, which runs from mid-January to early April. These months also offer the best weather in Jamaica, with sunny skies and minimal rainfall, making this part of the island a dream retreat to get away from the dark and cold at home.

Also, if chilling out on sandy Caribbean beaches sounds a little too much like hard work, tons of water sports and fun activities abound in Montego Bay – no matter where visitors choose to stay in the area. The nightlife in Montego Bay ain’t half bad, either!

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2/10 Goa, India

Venturing off to India in the winter may seem like a distant feat for some – but the journey is worth it, especially if one gallivants off to Goa. With its relaxed, laid-back island atmosphere, breathtaking beaches in Goa rivaling those in the Caribbean and tropical Pacific, and bargain (yet super delicious and fresh) seafood, this dazzling tropical retreat is among the best places in India for tourists seeking sunshine paradise at a low price.

In the past, Goa became somewhat of a hippy retreat and a rave central – but these days, the place has calmed down and now remains a peaceful paradise. Even so, Goa does not lack parties; it offers plenty of nightlife fun for visitors looking to emulate the beach fests seen in Thailand’s Koh Samui and Koh Phangan, but on a much smaller scale with fewer crowds and a lesser pull on the purse strings. Imported beer in Goa is also super affordable and has been known to be less than a couple of dollars. Fill those cups up!

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1/10 The Philippines

With over 7,000 islands, the archipelago of the Philippines boasts seemingly endless coastlines. Ranging from pristine white sandy beaches to pink sand shores and dark volcanic sands, the best beaches in the Philippines (and most of them, for that matter) are diverse and offer something for everyone. Yet, the country’s postcard-perfect shores are scattered everywhere, making choosing where to stay in the Philippines a difficult task. Each island in each region truly is stunning, so the ideal way to select one’s destination is to see what other attractions there are and decide what they want to do and see in between sunning on the beaches.

While the Luzon region is close to metropolitan Manila – ideal for shopping and modern nightlife – other parts are a little more rural, with lower prices, too. The Visayas is a great example, offering stunning shorelines, amazing diving and snorkeling, and plenty of affordable hotels, guest houses, and resorts. Of course, there are busier cities to visit if travelers wish to experience historic attractions and urban culture, with cities in this area including the nation’s oldest city of Cebu, as well as the quaint seaside town of Dumaguete on Negros Island.

In the Visayas region, the island of Bohol is quiet with beautiful beaches, cave pools, and the famous Chocolate Hills, Other islands like the aforementioned Negros Island, with its capital of Dumaguete and dark volcanic sand beaches, are just as beautiful, offering excellent scuba diving – as well as the stunning reefs around Apo Island delivering some of the best snorkeling and diving in the Philippines. A little further away is Palawan, where beautiful but slightly more remote cliff-encompassed spots like El Nido and Coron charm white-sand beach lovers.

The one factor that does remain the same, however, is that this sublime paradise boasts low prices in comparison to most tropical vacation destinations – despite how truly stunning it is. Accommodation, activities, attractions, and food and drink are all mega-affordable – even in the country’s peak tourist season, which typically runs from around mid-November to late April.

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