A Look at Places Worth Visiting Across Nigeria

Visiting exciting sites in Nigeria will give you unforgettable memories, especially when you go with friends and family. You might have been planning a trip with your friends or family and need to figure out where to visit during this festive period. This article provides a list of 12 places to have cool fun.

 Agodi Gardens, Ibadan

Located in the city of brown roofs, Agodi Gardens is a tourist attraction endearing to every lover of life to Ibadan. The garden which sits at the foot of Old Mokola Hill was formerly known as Agodi Zoological and Botanical Gardens that was created in 1967.

Agodi Gardens

Agodi Gardens, which is an epitome of peace as a result of the abundance of forestry surrounding it, has a lot of nice features which include a water park, children’s play area, rides, picnic spots, restaurant area, a lake and a mini zoo.

It is very serene, lush and green. And needless to say, it is perfect for those who crave the quietness of solitude, picnics, a get-together with friends and family time out.

Erin-Ijesha/Olumirin Waterfall, Osun

Erin-Ijesa, or Olumirin waterfall, is one of the most visited waterfalls in Nigeria. It is located right in the heart of Osun State in the Southwest, just two kilometres from Erin-Ijesa town. Indigenes believe the waterfall possesses healing qualities. Erin-Ijesa, in its entirety, consists of three waterfalls linked by several trails with various stop-off points at certain levels. Hiking to the peak of Erin-Ijesa takes around two hours, but the mesmerising views of valleys, shallow pools, hills, tall trees, and lush vegetation are worth it.

Erin Ijesa Waterfall

Millennium Park, Abuja

This is the largest park in Abuja. There are many fun things: the Italian-style garden, beautiful walkways, extraordinary lights, and many more. It should be on your list if you’re planning a picnic.

Millennium park

Thought Pyramid Art Centre, Abuja

This is a must-see for anyone who enjoys art, design, and culture. It is a stone-like building with vivid, bold metallic structures and sculptures adorning the lush greenery in the gallery.

Thought Art Gallery

Cinemas (Nationwide)

Cinemas are one of the best to visit for the latest movies in Nigeria (Hollywood, Bollywood, adventures, comedy, etc. When visiting, one should plan to get popcorn and a drink to nibble on during the movie. Movie ticket price varies depending on the film; you can decide to book from their website.

Beaches in Lagos

Beaches are also exciting places for a family picnic. There are private beaches and general beaches within Lagos State, at You Beach you will find beach bars, restaurants, and other exciting places on Beach. It is an environment that makes nature nurture you.


Olumo Rock, Ogun

Olumo Rock is located in Abeokuta, a city in western Nigeria. From the top, you are treated to a dramatic view of the city of Abeokuta, which is definitely one of Nigeria’s most “Instagrammable” shots. The Olumo rock reaches a height of 137 meters above sea level. It is accessible by an elevator and a series of manufactured steps carved into the face of the rock. For those curious about plants, several rare plants are to be sighted at this monumental place.

Olumo Rock

Owu Waterfall, Kwara

Owu waterfall is called the “wonder in the wilderness,” because of its therapeutic effect on visitors. It is suitable for nature lovers and a perfect choice for a picnic.

Owu Waterfall

Obudu Mountain Resort in Cross River 

A beautiful mountain resort is also a good place for a vacation or picnic. Obudu mountain resort is located in Cross River State, formerly regarded as Obudu cattle ranch. Fun things to do: swimming, horse riding, golf, and many more outdoor games. A presidential lodge also serves sumptuous delicacies if you want to spend a few days.

Obudu Mountain Resort

The Calabar Museum

If you have been longing to learn about the history of Nigeria from the pre-colonial eras, you should visit the Calabar Museum. It was the administrative office of the British colonial government in Calabar. The museum is full of documents and records of most of the activities of the British while Nigeria was colonised. Get to know about the history of Nigeria and visit The Calabar Museum.

Calabar Museum

Abraka Turf and Country Club, Delta

The pride of Abraka city is Abraka turf and country club. It has rich vegetation, marine surroundings, and rich, steamy rainforest that is soothing to the body. The beautiful view of sunrise and sunset, the peaceful rise of the early morning sun, and the pleasant music of the birds makes this place perfect for trips, family get together, corporate Christmas party, or a romantic time with your lover. There are indoor games, PlayStation, and free Wi-Fi.

Abraka Turf


Malls are ultra-modern shopping complex, for varieties of activities and purchases along with several side attractions such as children’s game arcade, film house, and food court. It is one of the popular places for relaxation and entertainment. Malls provide a serene environment where you can play state-of-the-art games, watch the latest movies, eat good food and many more. You can also host a get-together party, hang out with family and friends, and create a fun time for your kids.

Culled / Titilayo Kupoliyi

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