Bus Travels On Narrow Mountain Road, Passes Through Waterfall

Travelling on a mountain is risky whether you are a professional bike rider or a bus driver. One mistake and you could be fighting for your life. Now imagine this, you are in a bus, on one side is a rocky mountain and on the other a big drop.

That’s not all, the bus is moving and you have to cross a waterfall to get to the other side. Sounds like a nightmare, right? Well, it’s not. A similar video is going viral that will give you chills. Watch the video here. 

Bus With Passengers Travels On Narrow Road Near Mountain’s Edge, Passes Through Waterfall 

A spine-chilling video of a bus travelling on a narrow mountain road has left the internet scared and terrified, once again. The horrifying video was first shared back in 2018, but the fear it instils remains fresh. The video has been reposted and created a buzz again.  This time it was shared by Twitter user @TravelingBharat. The caption with the video reads, “Thrilling ride from Chamba to Killar in a HRTC bus, Himachal Pradesh.” 

It’s not any usual road, it is extremely narrow and sits right at the edge of the mountain. The narrow road also cuts through a flowing waterfall, making the journey look even more adventurous and scary for some if we might add. The video shows the bus carefully crossing the road to finally reach a wider road. A definite ‘phew’ moment. 

The video is viral again

The video was posted on November 4 and the video has gathered close to 1.6 million views which are only increasing. The video has got people talking. Needless to say, they are scared. A man commented under the video and wrote, “Nah, I’m walking, cause there’s just no way I’m riding that.” 

A woman, who claims to be not afraid of heights wrote, “I am not afraid of heights, I will fly airplanes, jump out of good airplanes lol.. This though, is a nope. The idea of being stuck in a bus with someone else driving like that scares the poop out of me lol. Maybe if I was the driver and I knew it was a one way street.”

 Another woman paid a tribute to the driver. She wrote, “Thrilling,  tribute to the driver.”

 Would you ride this bus? Tell us in the comments.

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