Herald Of The Flame Adventure Guide

The Herald of the Flame is the 8th Sea of Thieves time-limited Adventure and sees players return to the Devil’s Roar to trace the devious Stitcher Jim’s footsteps. Players unfamiliar with the name might have heard murmurings of Stitcher Jim’s unintentional sacrifice in the Heart of Fire Tall Tale while following Captain Flameheart, who most players may know as that annoying, giant skeleton head in the sky that mysteriously disappeared.

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The Herald of the Flame Adventure follows the events of the last Sea of Thieves Adventure, The Siren’s Prize, but also picks up what happened to Stitcher Jim. It’s an exciting and rewarding adventure that seems to be paving the way for the possibility of Flameheart’s physical return and domination of the seas in the ongoing live-service story. This guide focuses on how to solve each island puzzle and complete the final boss battle, containing some story-related spoilers.

How Long Does The Adventure Take, And Are There Checkpoints?

Adventure 8 takes about 2 hours to complete, with a relatively small proportion of time sailing to each destination. Once players have sailed to all 4 necessary islands in the Devil’s Roar region of the map, they return to Belle for a checkpoint before the final boss battle over at Molten Sands Fortress.

Anyone groaning at the prospect of venturing into the Devil’s Roar can breathe a sigh of relief as all seismic activity is gone, making the usually volatile Roar terrain suspiciously quiet but much easier to navigate.

How To Start The Adventure

To start the Adventure, players must speak to Larinna at any outpost tavern to activate the first chapter. Players must first sail to Liar’s Backbone to talk with Belle. Head to the top of the island and pull the lever to open a secret cave entrance. Once inside, speak to Belle at the top of the stairs to complete chapter 1 and begin chapter 2.

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Belle gives players a note instructing them to sail to the Devil’s Thirst located south-to-south-east of the map, which is the longest but doable sailing time in the Adventure. If players catch the wind in their sails, it takes around 5-10 minutes to reach the Devil’s Thirst, and it’s always fun to play a few sea shanties to pass the time.

The Devil’s Thirst Puzzle Guide

Once parked up at the Devil’s Thirst, head to the Northern beach to find a familiar face from The Seabound Soul and Heart of Fire Tall Tales, Sir Arthur Pendragon. Pendragon gives players his Enchanted Lantern and instructs players to search the island for memories of Stitcher Jim to the North, South West, and Southern shorelines. Players only need to turn around to reveal the first vision of the past using Pendragon’s lantern.

Once players have unveiled each vision and spoken to Pendragon each time, he gives players a map to search for Stitcher’s Hideout and its Totem key located on Ashen Reaches. Players only need to sail a short distance to reach Ashen Reaches, to the southwest of the Devil’s Thirst.

Ashen Reaches Puzzle Guide

On the Ashen Reaches map, a star-shaped symbol marks the approximate location of Stitcher’s Hideout, but to reach it, players first need to dig up the Sun Totem Key, located at the X position on the map. The location of the Totem Key changes each time, and players can zoom in on the map as needed to find it.

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Locating The Secret Hideout

Dig up the Key and head inside a small tunnel in the center of the island, located behind the mysterious cave alter. Here Pendragon appears, telling players what to do. The secret entrance to Stitcher’s hideout is next to the painting of 3 suns on the wall, with the totem mechanism opposite to open the entrance. Once inside, descend the slope and step into a vault-style room, which many players will recognize from Gold Hoarder vault voyages and the Shores of Gold Tall Tale.

How To Complete Stitcher’s Vault Puzzle

Once inside the vault, use Pendragon’s lantern to reveal more visions of the past to see Stitcher scrawling something on the wall. To open the vault, players must first light all altar beacons, inspect all symbols on the walls, and turn each column to display the correct solution before pressing the button on the altar. The symbols must match the words in Stitcher’s journal on the floor by the altar to read: Death To Flame Heart.

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The correct solution unlocks Stitcher’s Note, revealing the next island destination: Flintlock Peninsula, located to the northwest of the Devil’s Roar.

Flintlock Peninsula Puzzle Guide

Flintlock Peninsula is the final island to visit before returning to Belle. Head to the bottom-left section of the island to find a vision showing Stitcher talking with the Servant of the Flame. Speak with Pendragon before heading to the northern part of the island opposite to broken ship to locate Flameheart’s Lair.

Descend the walkway and hold up Pendragon’s lantern by the skull doorway to reveal another memory, triggering the door to open and leading to the final vision of the past where Stitcher’s involvement in the plot is revealed once and for all. It’s time to sail back to Liar’s Backbone to speak with Belle and initiate the final chapter.

How To Defeat Stitcher Jim At Molten Sands Fortress

Defeating Stitcher Jim in Ashen Lord form is no easy task, and players best heed Belle’s warning to stock up on supplies like fruit and throwables before sailing east to Molten Sands Fortress towards the giant tornado in the sky to start the battle.

As soon as players step foot into the keep, the battle begins. Stitcher Jim has transformed into an Ashen Lord with their characteristic attacks and fighting abilities, including fiery breath, fireballs, and even a dark cloud of smoke that strongly limits visibility. Stitcher also summons skeletons and phantoms to fight for him.

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Shoot from a distance, use throwables, and avoid Stitcher’s projectile attacks as much as possible, but get in close to shoot or stab him, especially when he drops to his knees. There’s a handy ammo crate at the top of the wooden steps, plus plenty of well-stocked barrels to replenish health. Players may also need to watch out for other players seeking to thwart their progress.

Around halfway through the battle, Stitcher Jim kneels for the 2nd time and unleashes the power of the Devil’s Roar, causing the nearby volcano to erupt with fiery boulders falling from the sky and adding to the frantically fun battleground chaos (so that’s where all the seismic activity went?). Luckily, Belle’s promised reinforcements arrive just in time as Ancient Guards show up to help, as seen in the 7th Adventure The Siren’s Prize. It’s a rinse-and-repeat process, but if quick enough, players can defeat him until he disappears.

Rewards For Completing The Adventure

Once Stitcher Jim is defeated, head inside the cavern below to speak with Pendragon, who attempts to destroy Flameheart’s skull once and for all. Players find a bountiful treasure reward for their efforts, including piles of gold, various chests, and even a Chest of Rage. Players best keep an eye out for other pirates and spawn campers on nearby islands, looking to quick-loot the spoils of battle.

To complete the Adventure, head back to Liars Backbone and speak with Belle. Pendragon also returns as they discuss the battle and look to the future. There’s excitement building on the Horizon in the run-up to Halloween, as Pendragon reveals that Flameheart’s planned Time of Resurrection is likely to coincide with the Festival of the Damned, an annual Halloween event for Sea of Thieves.

Once the Adventure is complete, players get Stitcher’s Stitches jacket and have the opportunity to unlock the Quencher of the Flame Title if they complete all 7 Deeds in the Adventure.

The Herald of the Flame Adventure is available to play till 9 am UTC on October 27.

Sea of Thieves is available to play on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S and is free to play on Xbox Game Pass.

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