How This Black-Owned Travel Agency is Catering To The Community

A Black-owned travel agency can be an invaluable source for planning and booking trips, especially for Black travelers. With their help, customers can ensure that their vacations go as smoothly as possible.

From helping to find the best priced flights and accommodations to providing timely recommendations on where to eat or visit, travel agencies have a wealth of knowledge that make it easier for individuals to enjoy every moment of their travels. Not to mention, they can even help with unexpected travel issues that arise, keeping stress to a minimum.

With their expertise and insider knowledge of many different destinations, travelers can rest easy knowing that a professional is taking care of all the details.

Black Travelers Face Unique Concerns

Black travelers often face distinct challenges that fail to get much attention in the tourism industry. From issues of racial profiling to a lack of representation in promotional materials, Black travelers can feel overlooked or even unwelcome.

To combat these issues and make travel more inclusive, many organizations are working hard to provide resources specifically designed for Black travelers.

Introducing Arousal Island, a Black-Owned Travel Agency

Arousal Island is a Black-owned and operated “meta travel search site.” Its founder started the agency after discovering a love of traveling during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic.

After visiting a host of destinations around the world, he found that many travel agencies failed to cater to the unique concerns of many travelers. Thus, he started Arousal Island, a travel site dedicated to inclusivity for all.

The company offers many advantages to travelers, providing convenience and expertise that make navigating the complexities of planning a trip easier. From helping to find the best deals on flights and hotels to offering incredible activities and excursions, Arousal Island can make vacation planning stress-free. Not to mention, its exclusive discounts, upgrades, packages and specials are a BIG draw for travelers, too. Take a look at how this Black-owned travel agency is catering to the community:

Through Transparency

When traveling, Black travelers face a distinct set of challenges, from dealing with racism to finding Black hair products and salons in foreign countries. And according to research, personal safety is a leading concern for Black travelers, making it vital that Black travelers remain aware of their surroundings and take extra precautions when visiting other countries.

For this reason, Arousal Island provides complete and total transparency to its customers, regardless of their background.

The agency provides information about local laws related to popular activities, such as taking pictures or fishing. It also includes details about curfews as well as contact information for consulates or embassies in case of emergency so that travelers can be prepared before entering a foreign country.

Arousal Island helps Black travelers remain vigilant during their travels so that they can live their best lives no matter where they visit.

Through Social Media

Arousal Island uses social media as an invaluable tool to interact with customers, allowing the company to understand customer sentiment and gain valuable insights.

Using social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, the company engages with customers to not only promote its services but create a community. The travel agency hosts trivia games for customers who follow them on social media to earn discounts on their travels. And its fun and inviting posts are relatable to travelers of all backgrounds.

Also, because Arousal Island focuses so heavily on social media, the agency is able to gauge customer concerns and address them quickly and effectively.

Through Its Blog

Arousal Island is dedicated to ensuring its customers have a pleasant traveling experience, no matter their background. For this reason, the company blog features topics that address common travel-related questions such as When is the best time to travel to Costa Rica? or Where to exchange currency in Finland.

Arousal Island also recognizes that no one travel experience is the same. For example, a young woman might have different travel concerns than an older man. Still, no matter where you are on your travel journey, Arousal Island has you covered. 

That’s why the travel site also includes blog topics that cover questions and concerns that are unique to certain customers such as “What To Do in America for Non-First-Timers” or “The Safest Places To Visit for POC Travelers.”

Through Representation

Traveling can be scary, especially for Black first-timers. Not to mention, the stories of racism and discrimination that flood our timelines can really put a damper on travel plans.

According to a study conducted by MMGY Global, a whopping 54 percent of Black travelers shared that they feel better about visiting a destination if Black people are represented in travel advertising.

Fortunately, Arousal Island understands the importance of representation. And it highlights Black people not only through its advertising but through the information that it provides to Black customers as well. From showcasing Black weddings in gorgeous destinations to offering helpful tips on where to find the best Caribbean cuisine, Arousal Island is creating a more diverse and inclusive environment by allowing people of all backgrounds to see themselves reflected in the cultural narrative presented by its marketing material.

Through Experiences

Arousal Island has some of the most affordable prices on the market, from taxi rates to airplane fares. And not only does the company provide you with the best hook-ups, but it also encourages travelers to maximize their time spent traveling.

The travel site is all about fun, and it caters to its customers by highlighting popular tours from around the world. For example, customers planning a trip to Canada can browse through a list of tours in Montreal or Toronto.

Or for a bit of adventure, travelers can take a guided rail tour to the Meteora Monasteries in Greece or a gondola through Banff National Park!

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