How to Collect Capsules in Dragon Ball Adventure Island

When it comes to Fortnite quests, the vast majority of tasks given to players include either damaging opponents with certain criteria, emoting in a specific location, or interacting with objects. While Fortnite quests can also include collecting items, the numbers usually remain in the single digits. Truly validating the name of the Endurance quest line, players must collect 100 Capsules in Dragon Ball Adventure Island, although the task is not as difficult as it may appear.


Epic Games’ wildly popular free-to-play battle royale title is in the midst of its major Dragon Ball crossover. The massive collaboration brings a plethora of Dragon Ball content to Fortnite, including cosmetics, items, and a series of different “Power Unleashed!” quest lines. This guide tells players how to collect Capsules in Dragon Ball Adventure Island, which is fairly simple and is one of the last Endurance quests after successfully swimming in icy water.

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How to Collect Capsules in Dragon Ball Adventure Island

The hardest part of this quest is actually navigating to Dragon Ball Adventure Island itself. This can be done either through Fortnite‘s Discovery tab or by the Island Code tab. Players that enter 5642-8525-5429 will be taken to the Dragon Ball-themed island, where the quest can be completed.

Players will notice as soon as they spawn in that the capsules are scattered everywhere on Dragon Ball Adventure Island and are collected simply by walking into them. The capsules feature a distinct orange glow and are found at different elevations, which can easily be rounded up by Nimbus Cloud-equipped players.


As soon as players have collected at least 100 Capsules, the quest will be complete. This leaves one last quest in the Endurance quest line, which is also on the island. In addition to collecting Capsules, players are also tasked with collecting a Dragon Ball on Dragon Ball Adventure Island.

The quest itself is very easy, with the first Dragon Ball located in front of the Quest Board at the beginning. However, it’s advisable to find the rest of the Dragon Balls on the island, as players will be granted a wish by Shenron if they can find them all.

It should be noted that collecting the Dragon Balls on Dragon Ball Adventure Island is different from the Dragon Balls rewarded for completing each of the “Power Unleashed!” quest lines.

While players may get a wish granted by Shenron on Dragon Ball Adventure Island, those who complete all the Dragon Ball quests will be rewarded with Shenron himself, in the form of the Shenron Glider. While the Glider may not grant wishes, the iconic dragon sure does look cool to drop in with.

Fortnite is free-to-play on PC, Mobile, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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