One Piece 1062: Adventure On Egghead Island

One piece returned from its break week in quite some style with chapter 1062, delivering the most intriguing chapter in the new arc so far. As fans expected, it is time for Oda to explore Egghead Island, just as he does with every new island that the Straw Hat Pirates visit. Fans expected a chapter titled “Adventure on Egghead Island” and that is exactly what Oda delivered in this chapter. Previously, the straw hat pirates split into two groups, with Luffy going one way with some, and the rest of the crew being separated from him.


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One Piece 1062 was expected to deliver quite a bit of information on Dr. Vegapunk, the genius scientist of the Navy who has been extremely important over the course of the story. While not everything about him was answered in this chapter, fans found out quite a lot about him. That, and much more was tackled in an intriguing chapter of One Piece.

Zoro’s Group On Egghead Island

Towards the end of One Piece 1061, fans saw the introduction of Dr. Vegapunk in a female body. This came as a surprise to many, however, One Piece‘s latest chapter painted quite a different picture. The Vegapunk that the Straw Hat Pirates encountered turned out to be just one of his many bodies. According to Nico Robin, it was rather weird that Vegapunk was a woman as, throughout her life, she had never heard this being the case. Vegapunk then went on to explain that the crew was witnessing the body 02 of the genius scientist, named Lilith. Lilith appears to be the evil body of Vegapunk and, true to her nature, she demanded that the pirates give her all their valuables and, in return, they would be spared.

Immediately afterwards, however, fans got to see Vegapunk 01, Shaka, talk to Lilith and tell her to be cautious of the Straw Hat Pirates, who are a newly dubbed Emperor crew. He especially told her to be wary of Roronoa Zoro and Nico Robin as in the entire crew, those two are the most perceptive of all at the moment. The rest of the crew seemed to be getting quite excited at finally witnessing Dr. Vegapunk. Fans also saw Zoro make a request to Vegapunk, however, what exactly this request is remains to be seen.

Luffy’s Group On Egghead Island

One Piece 1062 also focused on Luffy’s group which consists of him, Jinbe, Chopper, and Bonney. As seen in the previous chapter, this group has been completely separated from the rest of the crew and are on a different part of the island of the future, Egghead. Through them, Oda managed to show the fans a different side of the futuristic island, full of many holographic projections. While exploring the island, Jewelry Bonney makes it known that she wants Vegapunk’s help to turn her father, Kuma, back to normal. This isn’t necessarily a major revelation, as many fans had already predicted Kuma would be her father, however, it is good to finally have confirmation. Sabo’s fate was also hinted at in the chapter, however, Bonney plans to make no mention of it for now.

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Soon after, Vegapunk’s fifth body, named Atlas, made its appearance and it was revealed to be starkly different from Lilith and Shaka. Atlas appears to be full of anger and didn’t hesitate from punching Luffy. At the same time, she explained how the Government doesn’t have enough people to mass-produce all her inventions. Interestingly, she displayed one of them, gauntlets which allow her to make physical contact with light itself, making her own holographic projections a reality.

The Arrival Of The CP0

Quite possibly the most shocking part of One Piece 1062 was the arrival of CP0 towards the island. Fans saw Stussy, Kaku, and Rob Lucci, the masked assassins of the CP0, make their way towards the island. Lucci went on to explain the many identities of Vegapunk. According to him, Vegapunk devised a way to be way more productive by splitting himself into six bodies. Fans have only seen two of them so far, with another one of them making a brief appearance in this chapter. Three of Vegapunk’s six bodies remain to be seen still. He also revealed that their mission is to deliver Kuma’s Seraphim back to Vegapunk. It appears that Kuma’s Seraphim is rather problematic. Curiously, it doesn’t have the white hair that Hancock and Mihawk’s Seraphim had.

What exactly is wrong with Kuma’s Seraphim will likely be explained in One Piece 1063. More importantly, Lucci went on to reveal that the Government has no need for Vegapunk anymore. Their other mission is to assassinate every single body of Dr. Vegapunk. Lucci believes that this could have to do with the incident in the Lulusia Kingdom, and fans will certainly see more of that in the upcoming chapter of One Piece. It appears that the Straw Hat Pirates will soon come face to face with the Cipher Pol members once again and things are sure to get even more exciting as the arc progresses.

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