Seymour sweeps competition at Super Dual meet

Head coach Dave Boggs said he saw a lot of good things from his Seymour swim teams in the Super Duals Saturday morning at the Seymour pool.

“I liked what we saw in our kids today. I saw extra spirit and enthusiasm, which we talked about,” he said after the boys and girls defeated Salem, Switzerland County, South Ripley, Silver Creek, Scottsburg and Southwestern (Hanover).

Both the Owls and Lady Owls simply had more depth than the other teams, as they both pushed their season records to 9-1.

Both teams won all three relays.

Placing first individually for the girls were Kylie Grove in the 200 free, Katya Cox in the 100 free, Lauren Bode in the 100 back, Makenna Greenawalt in the 100 breast, Addy Castetter in the 100 butterfly and Grace Lewis in diving.

Bode, Greenawalt, Castetter and Lillian Simons swam 2:09.4 to win the 200 medley relay; Avery Stewart, Stephanie Lara Lopez, Sydney Bush and Amber Ault went 1:58.53 to win the 200 free relay; and Grove, Carmyn Wilson, Sallie Nicholson and Cox won the 400 free relay in 4:14.3.

Boggs said, “We were able to swim some off events today. I had a few little surprises for down the road for our sectional lineup, so it gave us some things to think about. We swam well. We swam tired.”

Paul Montgomery led the boys by winning the 50 free and 100 fly, and he swam on the 200 medley and 400 free relays. He was joined by Will Proffer, Chaze Combs and Lane Mellencamp in the medley relay (1:55.31) and teamed up with Aaron Drake, Grant Smith and Larry Simons to win the 400 free relay in 3:48.54.

Combs won the 200 free, Drake won the 100 free, Mellencamp won the 500 free and Kaleb Brown won diving.

Lewis edged teammate Kate Connell for first in girls diving, 146.28-145.25.

Lewis keeps really busy during the winter as she competes in diving and does all-around with the gymnastics team. The gymnasts begin their schedule in January. She said a lot of days, she practices diving before school and after school and goes to gymnastics practice during the evenings.

“I have two study halls, one per day, and that helps,” she said.

She said while some movements are the same in both sports, the finishes are all different.

“A lot of the twisting is the same. A lot of the positions are the same, but it’s a little different on how to jump off the board,” she said.

The divers do six dives at meets, and Lewis said, “I’m not a fan of reverses, but I learned a reverse dive in a pike, and I really like that one. I’d say my favorites are the inwards. I did an inward dive in a pike, and I liked that one a lot.”

She said this week, she is going to start working on an inward summersault, and she added that she is going to work on the dives with a higher degree of difficulty during the winter break.

“It definitely helps having a higher degree of difficulty because otherwise, you have to be the tightest possible in order to beat people that are throwing two or three flips. It’s a lot harder,” she said.

The IHSAA requires the divers to do six different dives each week, and Lewis said, “You can make it any order except the first dive each week alternates, so it goes forward, back, inward, twist and then reverse, so you have to do it in that one in the order, so last week was a reverse, so for Tuesday’s meet and Saturday, we had to do a reverse dive first.”

Lewis said concentration and focus are vitally important when you get on the diving board, especially when there is a lot of movement around the pool. She said she did not start diving until her sophomore season.

Brown won the boys competition with a score of 155.03, which he said is a personal record for him.

“Today, I was just doing the best that I could,” he said. “I was getting the scores that I wanted. We only had two officials, and they had to even up the score instead of having three officials. Now, I’ve just got to strive to get my all-time best.

“My favorite dive would probably be my one and one half front summersault. I can throw it in two positions. One of them is tuck, which would be a 1.6 (degree of difficulty), and in pike is a 1.7.”

He said he began diving his freshman year at SHS.

Brown said he is looking forward to the 11-dive format at conference and sectional.

“I like when I go to conference and sectional and it’s 11 dives because that’s where you really get to show how much you’ve progressed over the season, and it’s a reflection on how hard you’ve been working in practice,” he said.

Brown said he placed fourth in the Hoosier Hills Conference meet last season and was third in the sectional and advanced to the Jasper Regional.

“I need more execution and work on harder dives,” he listed as his goals. “You want to score at least 6.5 or higher each dive. If you do that across the board, you set yourself up pretty well to place pretty high up.”

The Owls will host Jennings County on Saturday morning.

Seymour Super Duals

Girls: Seymour 148, Scottsburg 25; Seymour 132, Salem 46; Seymour 149, Silver Creek 15; Seymour 132, South Ripley 39; Seymour 136, Southwestern 33; Seymour 137, Switzerland County 41

Seymour results:

200 medley relay: 1-(Lauren Bode, Makenna Greenawalt, Addy Castetter, Lillian Simons) 2:09.4; 2-(Krenzley Zumhingst, Nicole Rebber, Stephanie Lara Lopez, Sophie Coates) 2:20.71; 4-(Brylee Ramsey, Katie Cottrill, Staesia Fields, Laney Reinhart) 2:27.75

200 free: 1-Kylie Grove 2:16.25, 3-Avery Miller 2:21.28, 4-Lopez 2:30.7

200 IM: 2-Sydney Bush 2:38.83, 3-Zumhingst 2:50.02, 5-Rebber 2:57.61

50 free: 4-Lillian Simons 28.38, 5-Carmyn Wilson 28.53, 6-Reinhart 28.76

Diving: 1-Grace Lewis 146.28, 2-Kate Connell 145.25

100 fly: 1-Castetter 1:08.44, 4-Emily Windley 1:29.34, 5-Fields 1:32.59

100 free: 1-Katya Cox 1:00.0, 3-Sallie Nicholson 1:03.04, 12-Maggie Calhoun 1:17.47

500 free: 2-Amber Ault 6:10.17, 9-Cottrill 7:41.24, 10-Coates 8:00.7

200 free relay: 1-(Avery Stewart, Lopez, Bush, Ault) 1:58.53, 6-(Eva Lutz, Gracie Adams, Shayla Thompson, Lyndsey Greenawalt) 2:24.02

100 back: 1-Bode 1:10.5, 3-Zumhingst 1:16.62, 6-Ramsey 1:22.4

100 breast: 1-M. Greenawalt, 1:22.26, 2-Stewart 1:25:22, 3-Rebber 1:27.02

400 free relay: 1-(Grove, Wilson, Nicholson, Cox) 4:14:3, 4-(Miller, Calhoun, L. Greenawalt, Wundley) 4:54:15

Boys: Seymour 145, Salem 21; Seymour 142, Scottsburg 21; Seymour 148, Silver Creek 8; Seymour 132, Switzerland County 30; Seymour 149, Southwestern 15; Seymour 148, South Ripley 21

Seymour results:

200 medley relay: 1-(Will Proffer, Chaze Combs, Lane Mellencamp, Paul Montgomery) 1:55.31, 2-(Caden Harriss, Ben Feldes, CJ Polley, Tristan Dowell) 2:08.13

200 free: 1-Combs 2:03.38, 3-Dominic Dennis 2:28.26, 5-Alex Landes 2:32.11

200 IM: 2-Grant Smith 2:33.7, 5-Polley 2:39.56, 6-Dowell 2:52.99

50 free: 1-Paul Montgomery 23.22, 5-Will Proffer 25.05, 7-Larry Simons 25.39

Diving: 1-Kaleb Brown 155.03, 2-Cole Simmons 94.13.

100 fly: 1-Montgomery 59.75, 3-Simons 1:08.08, 6-Smith 1:18.43

100 free; 1-Aaron Drake 56.45, 2-Jadrix Zumhingst 58.03, 6-Micah Jablonski 1:07.47

500 free: 1-Mellencamp 5:23.16, 3-Jablonski 6:07.44, 4-West Proffer 6:16.9

200 free relay: 1-(Zumhingst, Harriss, Drake, Smith) 1:42.29, 2-(Jablonski, Landes, Dennis, Polley) 1:57.05

100 back: 2-Harriss 1:09.95, 3-Drake 1:15.33, 6-Jablonski 1:19.57

100 breast: 2-Dowell 1:25.94, 4-Feldes 1:27.78, 5-Landes 1:20.32

400 free relay: 1-(Montgomery, Drake, Smith, Simons) 3:48.54, 2-(Dennis, Jablonski, Wes proffer, Dowell) 4:26.76

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