Tenerife Is an Adventure Hub in Hiding

The Canary Islands, just 120 miles off the northwest coast of Africa, have a well-deserved reputation as Europe’s Hawaii. In addition to nearly year-round sunshine, you’ll find beautiful beaches, relatively warm water, locally-sourced food and wine, world-class biking, abundant hiking, and endless water sports. While travel to the Canaries has […]

Island girl ‘dating’ adventure | Lifestyle

Randia Coakley grew up in The Bahamas, loving the great outdoors. While she enjoyed all that her place of birth had to offer, she wanted to see the world. So she began steadily ‘dating’ adventure, conquering one destination at a time. When a job opportunity led her to explore one […]

On Kangaroo Island, a Story of Regeneration

It’s overcast when I land on Kangaroo Island, so at first I don’t notice the black of the burn. Instead, I’m immediately distracted by the kangaroos. The island off Australia’s southwest coast—a 35-minute flight from Adelaide—is well named; marsupials here number around 65,000, about 14 times the human population. I […]