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If you are traveling in Oregon and looking for an outdoor adventure, there are plenty to choose from. With such a diverse state, an outdoor adventure can mean many different things. If you are in to mountain biking, sport climbing, SUPing or just floating down river, Oregon has it. If you are in to hiking, caving, skiing, or surfing, Oregon has it.

Here are some areas for the Best Outdoor Adventures in Oregon.

Painted Hills

If you want see 30 million year old painted hills, this is your place. As one of the 7 Wonders of Oregon it provides history and some outdoor fun for the entire family.


This area is home to Samuel H. Boardman State Scenic Corridor. This is where you can see some of the most amazing coastline in Oregon. Rock formations and beautiful blue water is what awaits you.


If your goal is to go hiking and be challenged, then this is your place. The most extraordinary hiking in Oregon is here. Eaglecap Wlderness has the biggest views of the area. Some of our favorite hikes are Maxwell Lake and Icelake. We saw mountain goats, had two thigh burning hiking days and the most relaxing time at the lakes.

Smith Rock

Known for some of the best sport rock climbing in the United States it also has some great hiking and a river running through to watch wildlife. Monkey face is the most challenging climb and Misery Ridge is the hardest hike.

Cascade Lakes

If water sports are your flavor, then the Cascades Lakes are where you should be. Mountain Biking, boating, SUPing, fishing, hiking and anything else you can think of. Sparks Lake is great for SUPing, Elk lake is where you go to boat and hike around Todd Lake. For fishing, you will just need to find a river and some lakes still have trout.

Sand Dunes

When we first came to Oregon, we didn’t realize that there were any sand dunes. It took about 4 visits until we knew. Then we found multiples. Florence sand dunes are the best for ATVing, Pacific City’s is the best for some running around fund and if you want to camp near ones, then Christmas Valley is your place.


Exploring waterfalls is a popular thing to do in Oregon. With 283 named waterfalls there is something for everyone. Every are of the state has a waterfall. From Multnomah near Portland, to Tumalo in Central Oregon to Strawberry Falls in the east.

Mt. Hood/Bachelor/Hoodoo

If you like skiing, then Oregon has ski mountains. Mt. Hood has a ski lift that runs to ski 365 days a year, Hoodoo is great for beginners and Bachelor has the highest elevation skiing available.

Hood River

Hood River is known for two activities. Kite surfing and mountain biking. We haven’t ever kite surfed, but we enjoy watching them from the pier. Mountain biking though, we have definitely done. Oregon has some of the best in the United States. Hood River has some of our favorite trails and then head down to Bend, Oakridge and Ashland. You will not be disappointed!

Hot Springs

Even though it isn’t a very active activity. Soaking in a hot spring after an active day is one of the best things and Oregon has plenty of them. From public and raw to private and maintained, there are many to choose from.


There is so much camping in Oregon. Boondocking (free), state parks (cheap) to private parks (cheap to expensive). You can find desert to forest to being next to a river. It is lovely.

Let us know if you are looking for another outdoor adventure and we can provide potential locations.

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