Travel agency refutes allegations from customer

Travel agency Krystal Tours Vacations has issued a statement in response to allegations made by a customer, saying that the comments are part of a smear campaign.

In a statement via the company’s Facebook page on Thursday, the company defended itself saying the customer has outstanding arrears on a booking. 

“It has been brought to our attention that [the customer] has been promoting a smear campaign against our company using video and written negative comments on social media.

“It is now understood, her actions are a result of Krystal Tours’ allegedly refusal to furnish her, a refund for a ticket which was booked.”

“This behaviour in the public domain…is indeed regrettable on her behalf, as Krystal Tours has been making every effort to resolve this issue, amicably.”

The company said the customer bought tickets for Panama on May 6, for the dates May 11-15, 2022, but had to cancel on May 9, two days before the scheduled departure, due to circumstances beyond her control. 

The company said the customer was reminded of an outstanding balance of $1,400 and that as per airline rules the ticket would be valid for one year, and that a date change penalty/difference in fare would apply.

The company said the customer was informed of the new travel dates and the associated date change fees. 

The company also claimed that the customer “became very irate” and began doing a selfie video at the office and called the travel agent assisting her a “scammer”.

“Some of the language she used is not worth repeating.”

The company said the customer made a deposit of $3,000 toward the $4,400 ticket with a promise to pay the balance, which the company said was still outstanding. 

“Krystal Tours urges the general public, those whom willingly commented negatively on our social media pages and slandered our good name to let good sense prevail.”

“Rest assured, with over 35 years in the business, at Krystal Tours, we remain committed to serving the travel industry through the offering of the most exciting, budget friendly destinations and vacation packages.”

On Thursday a Facebook user claiming to be the customer in question shared another social media post, however, saying that there were inaccuracies in their account. 

The person said: 

“It is one thing to take responsibility for your actions but it is another to take a downpayment from a customer, agree to flight change agreements or to work on a refund and then go back on this. Furthermore to attempt to accuse the said customer of false allegations or anger due to “dissatisfaction” while they are still left void of service or product paid for is another story.”

She said when trying to either arrange new travel dates or a refund, she was then met with “an alarming bunch of new fees”.

She said she’s spoken with the airline regarding her flight booking and it’s investigating the matter.

The customer also said they’re also seeking legal advice.

“To have Krystal Tours release a watered down media release to discredit my experience with them is unforgivable. No one should have to go to these lengths to simply be refunded for a trip that never happened or to receive good customer service.

“Instead of accepting responsibility for a situation gone wrong in which they are still holding my $3,000TTD but choosing to defame my name and accounts is the lowest blow and beyond reproach. I am grateful to be receiving the necessary legal council. It is an unfortunate situation that could have been fixed with a simple refund or sound resolution by them.”

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