Try these central and western Maine hikes

Listiyo Ridawer

Searching for your new favorite hike or just starting out? Here is a small list of beginner to advanced hikes suggested by members of L/A Hiking.


Sabattus Mountain

Location: Lovell

Distance: 1.4 miles, loop

Elevation gain: 488 feet

Comments: “I like Sabattus Mountain because it’s a short hike for a great view,” said Steve Knight, a Maine native now living in Austin, Texas. “My 80-year old dad made it after his triple bypass, so it’s very doable.”

Big Falls Loop trail

Location: New Gloucester

Distance: 1.7 miles

Elevation gain: 127 feet

Comments: “My hiking adventures started with Big Falls Loop trail, so it is a special place for me,” said Pamela Zimmerman Matzinger.

Mt. Apatite

Location: Auburn

Distance: Varies

Elevation gain: Up to 300 feet

Comments: “For a local (hike), I’ve enjoyed hiking Mt. Apatite and learning about the mining of feldspar!” said Connie Pomerleau Browning of Auburn.

Witt’s End Trail

Location: Norway

Distance: 4.5 miles, out and back

Elevation gain: 239 feet

Comments: “It is more of a nature walk than a difficult hike,” said Marla Pettinelli of Lewiston. “The paths were well maintained and easily marked (and the name cracks me up).”


Rumford Whitecap Mountain

Location: Rumford

Distance: 5.6 miles

Elevation gain: 1,620 feet

Comments: “Rumford Whitecap is a great four-season hike with 360-degree views,” said Kim Craig of Auburn.

Pleasant Mountain via Ledges Trail

Location: Bridgton/Denmark

Distance: 3.3 miles, out and back

Elevation gain: 1,512 feet

Comments: “Pleasant Mountain in the Bridgton area is one of my favorites,” said Samantha Schneider Ouellette of Lewiston.

Blueberry Mountain

Location: Weld

Distance: 2.7 miles, out and back

Elevation gain: 1,400 feet

Comments: “Every mountain hike brings a different experience,” said Noella Potvin of Lewiston. “They all have a uniqueness about them … One of my first and favorite hikes is Blueberry Mountain and the emerald pool.”


Sunday River Whitecap

Location: Near Newry

Distance: 6.5 miles, out and back

Elevation gain: 2,139 feet

Comments: “I recently hiked the west branch of the Grafton Notch loop, and this mountain was by far my favorite,” said Vanessa Paolella of Auburn. “Beautiful alpine summit with sweeping views on all sides made it well worth the trek.”

Caribou Mountain 

Location: Near Gilead

Distance: 6.6 miles, loop

Elevation gain: 1,958 feet

Comments: The mountain has a nice waterfall and an amazing 360-view, according to Chip Lurvey of Lewiston. During his first hike there, he saw a bear just off the trail.

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