What Are The Steps To Getting Your Own Travel Agency Started In India?

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One of the most crucial steps in answering the question of “how to establish a tour company in India” is to register as a legitimate tour operator or agency with the Government of India.

Tourism in India is expanding at a pace of 14% per year despite the global epidemic. There has never been a better moment to launch a travel agency in the nation than right now. However, planning and forethought are required.

Getting your travel agency off the ground involves a number of steps, including acquiring the necessary licences, forming partnerships with hotels and airlines, sorting out visa processes, and shopping around for the best business financing options.

Below, we’ll go into more specifics about our investigation.

1) Figure out what sort of business you want to start.

When you open up a travel agency, will you be the lone proprietor, or will you have other business partners? You may file for incorporation as either a limited liability company or a private limited company, depending on the composition of the firm’s ownership (LLP). However, be aware that the registration requirements may change based on your choice. Likewise, subsidies and advantages, such as low-interest rates on business loans, would vary widely amongst financial institutions.

2) Initiate IATA registration

There is no need for a travel company that specialises in booking rail tickets and vacation packages in the current market. Transportation via plane is the most vital to providing, but you should also include other options. Since the vast majority of bus, train, and boat trips stay inside national borders, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) stamp of approval is not required when making international flight reservations.

Validation by the IATA or International Air Transport Association lends legitimacy to any travel firm, no matter how long it’s been in business. The association only certifies travel agencies with its stamp of approval if they meet strict criteria. In addition to offering several advantages and aviation services worldwide, it also hosts free training courses for the betterment of travel agents.

3) Get officially recognised by the Indian government.

One of the most crucial steps in answering the question of “how to establish a tour company in India” is to register as a legitimate tour operator or agency with the Government of India. It’s not required, however, it’s something we highly suggest doing. It’s a seal that verifies your organisation’s credibility, therefore it’s worth repeating.

Tourists in India anticipate a particular level of service from any travel firm recognised by the government. That’s why they’ll choose you instead of the unlicensed competition.

4) Register for a GST number

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) registration is an essential step for every Indian travel operator. Goods and Services Tax collection is an essential part of operating a firm in this sector and cannot occur without this registration. So, don’t start your travel agency business until you have your GSTIN number in hand.


Do you already have a solid business strategy for your travel agency and are now seeking for funding? You may get company financing at some of the lowest possible interest rates from many banks and companies, which will be a great boon as you attempt to launch and maintain your travel agency.

Before applying, you can see what your monthly payments would look like by using the business loan EMI calculator.

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