Where To Find All Hope Kites In WoW: Dragonflight

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight adds all the features you’d expect from a new expansion, and this includes plenty of secrets, collectibles, and achievements to work towards. These often require exploration of specific zones or even whole continents, so finding them can be a little tricky.

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One such achievement is Symbols of Hope, which tasks you with seeking out kites that the inhabitants of the Dragon Isles have distributed in the hope of luring the dragonflights back to their homeland. There are ten in total, all found within the Waking Shores, and here’s where you’ll find them.


It is highly recommended that you max out your Dragon Riding before attempting to collect these kites, as many of them are found at the top of towers. It’s very easy to run out of Vigor when trying to reach them, so make sure to pick up all Dragon Riding Glyphs and activate the many passives on the talent tree.

We’ve listed the kites in order from north to south, but you will need to swing east to west and vice versa quite a lot.

Life-Binder Observatory Hope Kite Location

WoW Dragonflight Hope Kite - Life-Binder Observatory Location And Map

You’ll find this kite atop a tower whose peak looks like a slatted egg from a distance. The kite is on the north side, facing the mountain. Be mindful of the Lava Phoenix orbiting the tower, as you could pull aggro while coming in to land.

Wingrest Embassy Hope Kite Location

2 - WoW Dragonflight Hope Kite - Wingrest Embassy

This Hope Kite is found just to the southeast of the Wingrest Embassy Flight Master, in the south of a cluster of towers. You can’t miss it as it’s by far the tallest tower around, with a large gold spire at the top.

Uktulut Backwater Hope Kite Location

3 - WoW Dragonflight Hope Kite - Uktulut Backwater

From the Uktulut Backwater Flight Master, fly up the nearby tower. About halfway up will be a platform to land on, where you’ll find the kite — it’s not at the top of the tower. You’ll find a dracthyr NPC named Erelishan inside the tower.

Concord Observatory Hope Kite Location

4 - WoW Dragonflight Hope Kite - Concord Observatory

About 750 yards to the northeast of Uktulut is the Concord Observatory. The taller tower houses a rare boss, Nulltheria the Void Gazer, who may drop some useful gear (item level 350) and Drakewatcher Manuscripts to customise your Dragonriding mount. Just on the other side is a destroyed smaller tower. You’ll find the kite facing east.

Skytop Observatory Hope Kite Location

5 - WoW Dragonflight Hope Kite - Skytop Observatory

Head east until you see a huge tower atop a mountain with waterfalls flowing off the side – the Skytop Observatory. You’ll see an arched gateway as you approach, with a dragon statue in the middle and Proto-Drakes perched on either side. The kite is next to the blue drake.

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The Overflowing Spring Hope Kite Location

6 - WoW Dragonflight Hope Kite - The Overflowing Spring

This one is also atop a mountain with waterfalls, and you’ll see several Water Elementals and a lake with a dragon statue as you approach. The kite is found on the eastern side, on a platform with stairs that sticks out.

Crumbling Life Archway Hope Kite Location

7 - WoW Dragonflight Hope Kite - Crumbling Life Archway

Head directly east from the platform, dropping down. You’ll see a small gorge — on the left will be an archway with a Dragon Riding Glyph, and a crumbling tower on the right. You’ll know it’s the right one as there’ll be a Dreadsquall Hatchling perched on the edge.

Obsidian Observatory Hope Kite Location

8 - WoW Dragonflight Hope Kite - Obsidian Observatory

Just south of the Overflowing Spring you’ll see a massive, destroyed tower. It’s directly below the ‘W’ of Obsidian Bulwark when you open your map. You’ll know it’s the right one as there’s also a place to plant a flag for another achievement.

Hatchery Observatory Hope Kite Location

9 - WoW Dragonflight Hope Kite - Hatchery Observatory

Fly slightly southeast, as if heading towards the Ruby Life Pools. On the other side of the waterfall-mountain, which holds a Dragon Riding Glyph, you’ll see a tower. Land here for the kite; it’s directly south of the bridge that connects the Ruby Life Pools proper to its Flight Master.

Apex Canopy Hope Kite Location

10 - WoW Dragonflight Hope Kite - Apex Canopy

This one is a few thousand yards southwest, so make sure you have full Vigor before setting off. Keep heading diagonally on the map, with the massive Genesis Falls on your left. You’ll cross into the Ohn’ahran Plains zone as you fly directly over the Nelthazan Ruins.

You’ll see a tower as soon as you pass the ruins — the kite is on a platform you’ll see sticking out from a wooded mesa just before you reach it.

There is no reward for completing this achievement, and you’re awarded a measly five Achievement Points. However, you will see a lot of the zone, and uncover huge swathes of the map in the process — leading to Explore the Waking Shores.

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